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What's Happening in February

What's going on at Arukah? Well... We're glad you asked.  

Healthy Heart Month

February is American Heart Month.  Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States.  There are many things that you can do to nourish your cardiovascular system and some of them are 20% off throughout the month of February at Arukah 

Supreme Omega | Vitamin D3/K2 | ENDUR-ACIN® Niacin | HTN 180 Px - Regular & Extra Strength(Blood Pressure Support) | Cardiac Calm Px | Red Yeast Rice | Fiber


IV & IM Inection of the Month

Let's Get Hydrated Together!

This February, enjoy 20% off any IV when you buy two IV Hydration Infusions.

Perfect for couples who want to boost their health and well-being together!


Febuary Gift Giveaway

Every purchase In February automatically enters you into a drawing for an LPP Panel from Spectracell. The LPP test measures 12 lipoprotein particle markers to determine cardiovascular risk ... Panel measures 4 lipid markers in the blood to analyze cardiovascular risk.  Measuring cholesterol alone can be misleading and does not paint the whole picture.  Click here to read more about this panel.  

Advanced LPP photo.jpg

LPP Panel Is On Sale This Month For $175

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