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Arukah Functional Wellness


Our clients say IV Hydration/IV Therapy revitalizes and rejuvenates their bodies

IV Hydration Therapy are Vitamin Infusions that are 100% absorbed and designed to help you feel like you should.

At Arukah, we are focused on your wellness. Our physician-supervised IV therapy offers many different infusions that will help to ENERGIZE and REJUVENATE your body as well as help with ANTI-AGING, FOCUS, DETOXIFICATION, SPORTS & INJURY RECOVERY, CHRONIC DISEASE, IMMUNE SUPPORT, and ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE.  IV infusions and vitamin injections help reverse the daily stresses of life while RE-HYDRATING and REPLENISHING your body of depleted vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants."

What is
Functional Wellness?

Functional wellness is much like its name implies.

Our focus is on our ability to FUNCTION "well" in all aspects.

Rather than simply having normal tests and checkups, functional wellness strives to OPTIMIZE our health & wellness.

When our body is functioning the way it is intended, you feel amazing and its easier to overcome setbacks and illnesses.



Location, Email + Phone

313 E. Liberty Street

Wooster, Ohio 44691 \\ Tel: 330-464-3078

Opening Hours

Monday, Tuesday,  Wednesday + Friday  9AM – 5PM

Thursday 9AM - 6PM


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